The Latest ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Has Already Made Some Impressive History Of His Own

Matt Amodio’s run on Jeopardy! is slowly fading into the rearview, but his presence in the show’s canon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s due in part to just how much he meant to viewers who have endured a long string of controversies in recent months and grew attached to the dominant run by the Ph. D candidate.

That run ended earlier in October, though, thanks to a great game from newcomer Jonathan Fisher and another contestant who largely beat Amodio at his own game. But Fisher has turned out to be quite the strong champion in his own right, and on Friday he made a bit of Jeopardy! history that Amodio now shares in as well. Fisher, an actor who won his 10th game on Saturday, became the first contestant to knock off the winner of double-digit games and go on at least a 10-game streak of their own as Jeopardy! champion. As of Monday, Fisher had rattled off 10 wins for a total of $230,100, an impressive amount in his own right given that he beat a 38-game winner to start his own streak.

Winning Jeopardy! is no fluke, but the fact that Fisher is making Jeopardy! history here does show just how hard it is to pull off a long string of wins on the show. His 10 games amount to just two or three days of filming, for starters. And while we don’t know how long he will last as champion, the show is also being fairly bullish about his chances to keep the streak going this week.

And Amodio certainly seems to be a fan of the run as well.

We’ll see how long Fisher goes, but he’s already in some very good company. And likely has set up a rematch with Amodio in the next Tournament of Champions.

“That would be amazing,” Fisher said in an in-episode interview last week. He’s certainly not alone in that assessment, either.