Matt Damon Launches A Hilarious Attack Ad Against Jimmy Kimmel’s VP Campaign

The long-running faux feud between talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Matt Damon took a new political turn during Monday’s episode, which featured Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. While Kimmel and Clinton joked about her health and his vice presidential bid, Damon had apparently put together a new anti-Jimmy Super PAC with the sole purpose of tanking his White House ambitions. Dubbed Citizens for a Kimmel-Free America, the Jimmy Kimmel Live host debuted it during his opening monologue.

“I take this seriously. I’m out there every day on the streets, talking to voters and collecting Pokemon — you can do both,” Kimmel explained with forced sincerity. “But unfortunately a special interest group, a not-so Super PAC, has been trying to stop me by running attack ads like this.”

The bit begins like any other attack ad, in which footage of the intended target is paired with ominous narration pinpointing their flaws. In this case, it’s Damon asking viewers if Kimmel can “really be trusted,” and offering countless examples for why the comic is actually “deceitful,” “duplicitous” and “a liar.” Not to mention the most important question: “If Jimmy Kimmel can f*ck Ben Affleck, who’s he going to f*ck next? America?”

Then again, as Kimmel implied before running the ad, Damon’s continued assault against him probably stems from the host’s most recent insults against the actor’s man bun.

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The moral of the story? Never make fun of Matt Damon’s man bun.