‘Unfunny Live-Action Beaker’ John Oliver Once Again Responds To YouTube Comments

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is off for a few weeks on summer hiatus, but in the meantime, here is a web exclusive in which Oliver once again, as he’s done in the past, takes some time to read fan mail from viewers. But because he’s not currently “fighting in the Revolutionary War,” by fan mail of course he actually means YouTube comments. Or as Oliver describes it, “the most cogent argument for never learning how to read.”

Ah yes, YouTube comments. And what does the modern way of barely literally expressing likes and dislikes at internet video content have for Oliver this time? Well, he’s quick to point out that the comments aren’t all bad, as one person pointed out that he has “magnificent eyebrows.” Spelled correctly and everything! Things go slightly downhill from there as someone else points out that his eyebrows are actually “alien caterpillars that move independently of each other.” Which again, is technically “magnificent!”

Commentary about his eyebrows is just the tip of the iceberg, as others point out that he “looks like a mix of a Pokemon and a child molester,” and that “at least you serve your corporate masters well, Unfunny live-action Beaker.” At the end, Oliver finally gets his comeuppance, however, by calling a YouTube commenter on their bluff, which just made this guy “1 zillion dollars” richer.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will return July 24, or possibly never, since he’s technically a zillionaire now.