An Emotional Jon Stewart Paying Tribute To His Dog Will Have You In Tears

Jon Stewart took a moment during Monday’s episode of The Daily Show to pay tribute to his dog, who passed away over the weekend.

About 12 years ago, Stewart’s kids wanted to raise money for the New York City-based animal shelter Animal Haven. They made cupcakes and set up a table outside the shelter, “and as a little extra incentive, they brought out this one-ish-year-old Brindle Pitbull” — this is where Stewart started getting chocked up – “[who had been] hit by a car in Brooklyn, and lost his right leg.” Stewart and his family adopted the dog and named him Dipper.

“In a world of good boys, he was the best,” he said.

Dipper used to visit The Daily Show every day. “We’d come to tape this show, and Dipper would wait for me to be done,” Stewart said. “And he met actors and authors and presidents and kings. And he did what the Taliban could not do, which is put a scare into Malala Yousafzai.”

Stewart said Dipper was “ready” to go. “He was tired,” he continued. “But I wasn’t. And the family, we were all together — thank goodness — we were all with him. But, boy, my wish for you is one day you find that dog, that one dog that just… it’s the best.”

You can watch The Daily Show clip below.