Did Kevin Hart Piss Off Don Cheadle With This Awkward Reaction To Hearing His Age?

Kevin Hart’s new Peacock show promises to be full of celebrity interviews with some wine, which (one would think) should loosen some lips. And that’s what happened during an awkward exchange between Hart and guest Don Cheadle, only things may have gotten a little too loose? It’s difficult to pinpoint what really happened here, or if the exchange was pre-planned/staged in some way yet went off the rails. Who knows! Cheadle’s already dealt with one recent awkward situation, which resulted him admitting that, yes, it’s bizarre to be nominated for an Emmy for his very brief appearance in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Now this? Damn.

Well, “damn” was the exact word that came out of Hart’s mouth when Cheadle casually mentioned his age (56 years), which was greeted by a swift, “Damn!” Whether or not he meant this like, “Dude, no way, you don’t look 56!” or, you know, something worse, we might never know. Hart swiftly apologized, and oh my goodness, that made it worse. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… understand, I did not mean it the way it came out,” Hart said while appearing to want to erase what he said. That led to this from Cheadle: “We’ll take a poll on how you meant it with people here later, after the show’s over.”

Staged or not, Cheadle then dominated the situation. Hart insisted that his “damn” sprang from “a place of love,” and from there, we received a discussion on different types of “damns” and their meaning. Was it a real argument, and does it matter? Cheadle pulled off a “run the tape back” type of attitude, and ultimately, he ended up being far funnier than Hart in this instance.

Whatever the case, people couldn’t stop laughing at the clip.




Did Cheadle come out on top after “suck[ing] ten years out of Kevin Hart’s soul”? You be the judge, but oh, it was both painful and wonderful to watch them hash it out.