Watch Maisie Williams Make Hotpie’s Direwolf Bread From ‘Game Of Thrones’ On ‘Binging With Babish’

09.25.18 8 months ago 3 Comments

Binging With Babish has found tons of success on YouTube as a cooking show that makes foods taken directly from the entertainment fans love to watch. Not all of the things made on the show are practical, and some of them are downright gross, but it’s a really innovative way to bring TV shows and movie props into the tangible, edible world.

But Babish had some special help from a show’s star when he recreated the bread a minor character makes for Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. On Tuesday, Binging With Babish dropped an episode where chef Andrew Rea created Hotpie’s Direwolf Bread with help from Maisie Williams, who played Arya on the show.

At first, the episode has the traditional Binging With Babish style where his face is never shown and the focus is on his hands and what’s being made. When the dough is finished, Rea laments that he won’t be able to truly know if it’s the same as the dough that was used to make the bread on the show, and that’s exactly when Maisie Williams shows up to give it a taste for herself.

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