Italian Porn Star Rocco Siffredi Will Be The Inspiration For A New Netflix Show With The Subtle Title Of ‘Supersex’

Netflix seems to be shifting its content from various scamming grifters to Italian porn star origin stories. What will they possibly think of next?!

The streamer announced that they will be making a new drama titled Supersex which will be loosely based on the life and career of famous Italian adult film star Rocco Siffredi.

The seven-episode series will be “a profound story that runs through his life since childhood,” and explore “the starting point and the context that led Siffredi to embark on his path in pornography.” Shooting is currently underway in Rome, with Italian A-lister Alessandro Borghi starring as an up-and-coming porn star.

Despite the fact that the series will be inspired by Siffredi himself, the actor says that the series will stand on its own. “This beautiful story is inspired by my life, but it is not my life,” Siffredi told FQ, an Italian magazine, over the weekend. “Everything you will see in Supersex originates from me, but then the writer put a lot of herself into it.”

Siffredi has starred in over 1500 hardcore films (and two art films!) in his wide-spanning career. In 2016, he starred in Rocco, a documentary about his life and legacy in the porn industry. The actor also owns Rocco Siffredi Productions, which has been described as a “porn industry powerhouse” AKA a much more hardcore version of Netflix. So this should be fun!

Supersex is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2023.

(Via Variety)