The New ‘Star Trek Discovery’ TV Series Will Tell Bigger Stories

With the release of Star Trek Beyond this weekend and Comic-Con 2016 in full gear it’s difficult not to be excited about the Star Trek franchise. In January of 2017 Star Trek will be returning to television — at least what we consider television now — streaming on CBS All Access without the former restraints that the franchise felt of broadcast television. The show, being headed up by Bryan Fuller, has promised to keep Star Trek fans old and new happy.

It wouldn’t be a Comic-Con without Star Trek, though, and a special Star Trek 50th Anniversary panel went down on Saturday at Comic-Con, says Deadline. Included was new Star Trek series showrunner Bryan Fuller as well as former franchise favorites like William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and yes, Brent Spiner, who has played something like a thousand characters throughout the various series, most of which are from the same family. The discussion veered into modern politics and how Star Trek has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to identity and human relations, something that the new Star Trek will of course be diving right into in a time of political division and strife.

Another hint was dropped at the format for the show, with Fuller claiming that the new Star Trek would not be episodic, but instead tell stories like they were a novel. That means full story arcs like the ones that made up a bulk of Deep Space Nine, Enterprise and Voyager, although something can be said for the episodic one-offs that the franchise has always featured, which have given insight to the characters and worlds that Starfleet inhabits.

To top it all off, the name for the new series was also unveiled at the Comic-Con panel; Star Trek: Discovery featuring the U.S.S. Discovery. Are you excited yet? A new ship, new captain and new adventures await Star Trek fans.

(via Deadline)