‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Edged Out ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ To Become Hulu’s Most-Watched Show (According To Hulu)

Making TV shows is David E. Kelley and Nicole Kidman’s business, and business is good. Big Little Lies — which he created and she starred in (and won an Emmy for) — and The Undoing were huge hits for HBO, and their most recent colloboration, Nine Perfect Strangers, is breaking ratings records on Hulu.

Deadline reports that the limited series “was the most-watched Hulu original ever — drama, comedy, limited series, or unscripted — on premiere day, as well as after five days on the service.” The previous title-holder was the season four finale of The Handmaid’s Tale. Of course, the usual asterisks apply, in that this is Hulu reporting on Hulu and no actual numbers were released, but it turns out people like watching things with Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Samara Weaving, Manny Jacinto, Regina Hall, and Bobby Cannavale. Who knew!

In our review of Nine Perfect Strangers, we called it a “fun follow-up to The White Lotus” with a “superior performances and decent script.” And did I mention that Jason from The Good Place plays a consultant for Kidman’s wellness guru? This feels important to know. The first three episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers are available now, while episode four drops on Wednesday. You can watch a preview below.