Norman Reedus And Keanu Reeves Will Drive Across Utah, And You Can Watch It On Your TV (Soon!)

The Walking Dead universe is still kicking with second seasons of both Dead City and Daryl In Paris to come, and the latter hasn’t even premiered yet. One fun and underrated side effect of that franchise, however, would be the reality series from the franchise’s stars. There was Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Friday Night In With The Morgans and Colman Domingo’s Bottomless Brunch At Colman’s, but first, there was Ride With Norman Reedus. In the series, he does one of the things that he does best, which is to get more motorcycle action than Daryl Dixon seems to be getting in France (from the looks of previews).

Soon, Season 6 of Ride will premiere, and maybe it might be the best season? Everything is subjective when it comes to these things, after all, but I’d wager a guess that this season might rule because Keanu Reeves is on the scene. He will surely be both cool and excellent as always, and if Reedus doesn’t casually exclaim, “Whoa!” then that’s a wasted opportunity. We’re also not receiving much of a preview (yet), but this tiny little description bodes well: “Norman Reedus and actor Keanu Reeves ride through the otherworldy landscapes of the Utah desert.”

That episode shall be the season premiere airing on September 10, and from there, expect to see a season that includes Johnny Knoxville in Rome and Josh Holloway in Northern Italy. Want a synopsis?

Join Walking Dead star and motorcycle enthusiast Norman Reedus on epic road trips around the world.  Each episode features Reedus and a riding companion – a fellow actor, musician, or friend, exploring local culture and seeking adventure on the road.

Ride With Norman Reedus returns on September 10.