Olivia Munn’s Tiger Mom Stories Are Horrific, Hilarious, And… Arousing?

The internet’s favorite GIF-able lady who also plays a brilliant economist on HBO, Olivia Munn, dropped by Conan last night to seemingly promote season two of The Newsroom. Instead though she decided to simultaneously horrify and crack up all around with tales of her childhood under a “Tiger Mom” — a topic she covered in a Daily Show segment a while back.

As the title indicates, the whole thing is multiple levels of confusing. On one hand the actual stories and implications she casually makes about parenting in the Asian community are pretty disturbing, but the lighthearted way she goes about it (complete with amazing Asian mom impersonation) makes it difficult to be more alarmed than amused. Not to mention when you tack on Conan and Andy (and Jeff Garlin’s) consistent input and enjoyment.

BUT THEN on top of all of that there’s the boob window. The glorious, glorious window. That dress and childhood trauma should in no way mesh even if it does really forgive the favors Olivia Munn is not doing for the Asian community. Enough from me. Give it a watch and assume your own levels of confusion.

Team Coco