‘Outer Range’ Season 2: All The Details You Need To Know For The New Season (Update For April 2024)

Before Outer Range premiered on Amazon, it was tempting to assume that this might be a Yellowstone variant, but that isn’t the case. Sure, the series revolves around a cowboy-hat wearing, close-knit family whose ownership of their sprawling territory might be threatened. However, this Neo-Western show quickly took an incredible turn into sci-fi territory, and it’s no wonder that star and producer Josh Brolin had insisted that this series does not imitate any other series, even if there are also some passing resemblances to both The X-Files and Lost.

Yes, that yawning hole in the ground turned out to be a portal to different eras of time. The first season also unveiled plenty of narrative tricks while nursing a vague procedural vibe on the way to revealing that multiple characters are not who they seem to be, and mystical forces are at work. The first season finale suggested answers but also posed new questions, so let’s get down to exploring where the second season might go.


Brolin must love to wear a cowboy hat. Yes, that’s a silly statement and mostly meant to be fun, but it’s also fact. The True Grit and No Country For Old Men star spent his early days on a California ranch, and while leading Outer Range, he has been a hands-on producer who has helped mold the show’s aesthetic and narrative.

As if those duties weren’t enough, Brolin stepped on board (as he did tell Collider) to help direct the second season. He has also suggested that this season looks even more visually expansive than the first outing, which was spacey enough in several places. Remember, that poker scene with Autumn (Imogen Poots) and Royal took on a spooky life of its own — with Autumn walking right into Royal’s laconic ability to not show his hand — so hopefully, there will be more of that darkened vibe to come.

Also, there might be some nudity involved? Only kidding, I think. That linked photo shows Brolin “lunch outside in the beautiful Santa Fe desert” while happening to be naked. And now back to talking about this show…

As viewers are aware, the first season ended with Royal (apparently) concluding that Autumn was actually the grown incarnation of Amy after traveling through the portal. Of course, the rest of the family believes that Amy has gone missing, and surely, the timing of Amy’s departure with that of Royal’s realization is uncanny. Then again, the show has had a grand time with not letting us know what’s actually inside of Royal’s head, and a key part of this show’s initial appeal is how well Brolin’s character slowly revealed how much he knows (and knew) about the void.

Also, there’s the question of whether — if Autumn truly is a time traveler as well — how she and Amy managed to previously coexist in the same era. Also, did Royal really intend to explain the time-portal business to Cecilia (Lili Taylor)? Their marriage was clearly on thin ice, so presumably, he will want to smooth things over somehow, but she seemed fed up enough with his evasive BS that she might not believe a damn thing that comes from his mouth.

Additionally, we’ll soon find out whether Autumn knows what Royal knows, and goodness, this is getting circular. Look for this show’s Neo-Western vibes to lean harder into sci-fi if we want more answers.


Nobody could do Royal Abbott like Josh Brolin. He’s pulling off a gruff and sardonic aura, and for multiple episodes in the first season, we had no idea that Royal actually knew what the void was about. A sleight of hand went down for sure, and Imogen Poots is the pitch-perfect foil as Autumn. And hopefully, Tom Pelphrey’s Perry hasn’t disappeared forever into a different era. We will surely see more of Lili Taylor as Cecilia, the fed-up wife to Abbott, and probably more of Noah Reed singing as Billy Tillerson, along with Tamara Podemski still attempting to figure out the madness as Deputy Sheriff Joy Hawk.

New recurring cast members for the second season include Christian James, Kimberly Guerrero, Megan West, Daniel Abeles, and Monette Moio.

Release Date

Outer Range returns to Amazon on May 16.


The following two minutes do not shy away from discussing Royal’s status as a time traveler and the existence of The Void. Also, Autumn looks like she’s doing more mind-control shenanigans, now with dancing.