‘Peep Show’ Is Coming Back For A Final Season, And Sooner Than You Think

The last time we checked in with Peep Show, Britain’s beloved long-running comedy, we heard that a ninth and most likely final season would probably be airing sometime in 2015. None of those words sounded very concrete, so I just sort of forgot to check back for updates. However, a ninth season did quietly start filming back in August, and on November 11, nearly three years after the last season aired and more than 12 years since the series premiered, Peep Show is in fact returning for its final season on the UK’s Channel 4.

Well, again, probably — as co-creator Sam Bain told the Radio Times last year that they wouldn’t be killing off Mark and Jeremy so “the opportunity to do more would be there if we chose to.” But what can we expect for the upcoming season nine? We know that there will be no happy ending for the El Dude Brothers, who were last seen both confessing their love to Dobby, who in turn ran off horrified, presumably having decided to move to New York to take a job with her ex-boyfriend.

The British Comedy Guide has a synopsis for the first episode, and it looks like things will pick up a little while after they left off:

It looked like the end of the El Dude Brothers. But now time has passed, and while Jez has some rather constrictive new living quarters, and Mark has a new flatmate and has landed a bank job, it seems that the wounds have not yet healed. Jeremy is reluctant to apologise, at least until the right time is right. Mark on the other hand – content thanks to Napoleon’s correspondence – is determined not to show any emotional scars.

The pair have to put their differences aside however in order to celebrate with a newly clean and healthy Super Hans. But despite his best efforts a good detox can only last so long. When Jeremy goes cap in hand to ask for a loan it appears Mark might have his chance for revenge…

Thanks to the social media accounts of the cast and creator, we can also glean who from the cast will be turning up for season nine. It looks like we can expect to see Dobby, Sophie, and Alan Johnson coming back:



It should be noted, while the new season premieres in the UK on November 11, it’s unknown when the United States will have access, although it should presumably turn up on Hulu not long after.

(Via British Comedy Guide and Radio Times)