Things Got Schwifty On This Week’s ‘Rick And Morty’

This week’s Rick and Morty involved big heads judging planets for a music show. Yeah, that’s probably where these reality competition shows are heading.

But yeah, we immediately opened with some large head making demands.

Rick, being familiar with these things, easily surmises what’s going on here.

With all of the famous musicians dead (except for Ice-T), Rick managed to come up with some intricate lyrics for an original song.

It satisfied. Though it did result in Earth’s auto entry for Planet Music.

The fine print for the competition turned out to be a bit problematic.

While the president had full faith in Rick…

… Morty was not down with Rick’s general attitude toward everything.

To the point that he snatched Rick’s portal gun to try to save his family.

Ice-T, revealed as an apathetic alphabetarian that can turn into floating ice, also decided to bail.

This did not bode well for the president.

Though they didn’t get back in time to stop the nuclear strike…

… Ice-T managed to save the day.

And we got another taste of Rick’s super detailed lyricism.

Oh, and that military guy got what was coming to him.

And while the head religion thing might have been a bit extreme, we should probably reconsider the “punishing movie-talkers” thing. That’s something I can get behind.