Jerry Seinfeld Teased That ‘Something Is Going To Happen’ With The Divisive ‘Seinfeld’ Finale, Possibly Including Larry David

Is Jerry Seinfeld working on a George Lucas-like special edition of the divisive Seinfeld finale? Maybe! As long as Jerry doesn’t step on Newman’s tail.

During the question and answer portion of a comedy show at Boston’s Wang Theatre on Saturday, an audience member asked Seinfeld whether he likes “The Finale,” the sitcom’s series finale. “Well, I have a little secret for you about the ending. But I can’t really tell it because it is a secret,” the comedian responded. “Here’s what I’ll tell you, OK, but you can’t tell anybody. Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. Hasn’t happened yet.” Seinfeld added, “And just what you are thinking about, Larry and I have also been thinking about it,” presumably referring to co-creator Larry David (probably not Larry Charles). “So you’ll see, we’ll see.”

I’m a fan of the finale, but not everyone wanted to see Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer get their comeuppance after nine seasons and almost 200 episodes of selfish behavior. Seinfeld offered no further details, so it’s unclear what he’s planning, or whether he considers the Seinfeld season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to be canon. Maybe when he teased “you’ll see, you’ll see,” he meant to say, “You’ll bee, you’ll bee.” Coming summer 2024: Bee Movie 2.

(Via the Guardian)