Seth Meyers Wades Through All Of Trump’s Lies, Conspiracy Theories And Other First-Week Shenanigans

With less than a week under the new supremely healthy president’s tightening belt, Donald Trump has stoked plenty of criticism for repeating his false “voter fraud” claims while embedded in a newly “toxic” White House. There are already too many things for reporters, columnists and television personalities to sift through, but like his campaign, Trump keeps offering new things to pore over before everyone has had a chance to vet what came before. Hence why Seth Meyers’ latest “Closer Look” segment explodes with content despite the fact Trump hasn’t been president for seven full days yet.

Then again, many of the items reviewed by the Late Night host sound quite familiar. Like the president’s penchant for watching too much television, which Meyers lampooned in early November with the help of Dora the Explorer. For good measure the comedian brought back the popular children’s cartoon to illustrate how difficult it must be for Trump’s staffers to talk to him — let alone get him to focus. “I’m dealing with the same issue with my son,” he joked. “He’s nine months old and we’re trying to observe a no-screens rule, but sometimes he gets cranky and the only thing that works is Dora the Explorer. So been there.”

Of course the Late Night team couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ridicule Trump for his inaugural speech’s similarities to Bane’s in The Dark Knight Rises, or the fact that he still live-tweets responses to Fox News, but the president’s addiction to cable television remained a favorite. Especially when Meyers offered Trump’s aides some choice advice: “Have you tried hiding the remote someplace he would never look? Like under the Constitution?”