‘SNL’ Sings The Praises Of An Old Standby Of Gift Giving During The Holidays

If you’ve ever gotten a scented candle for Christmas, you can be sure that the person who gave it to you does not love you and they might’ve found it sitting in an old closet at the office. That’s where this musical sketch from SNL lands, giving credit to that old standby gift that manages to makes its way around every holiday. It doesn’t always have to be scented like peach, as it is in the sketch, but a scented candle is THAT last second gift we usually give when we’ve run out of ideas. It’s up there with a tie, a gift card, and a sweaty wad of money. The latter isn’t going to stink up your house and it might actually buy you something you like, the true meaning of Christmas.

Going the Wilson Phillips route is definitely a plus for this sketch, putting a little magic into play to elevate the candle to mythical gift giving status. I do wonder why someone would be going around with a candle in their purse, but you can’t ask too many difficult questions with an SNL sketch.

Getting a candle for Christmas is nice if the thought is there, but otherwise, it is a thing that gathers dust in your house until the lights go out and then you decide it might be the time to light it. It’s not. You’ll probably regret it and so will your senses.

(Via SNL)