‘SNL’ Pays Musical Tribute To President Obama With ‘To Sir, With Love’

SNL opened their show after the election with a tearful musical number for Hillary Clinton. They decided to do something similar for their show following the inauguration, this time closing the show with a musical tribute to President Obama. You’re always waiting for a laugh on a comedy show, so the segment is a little weird at first while you’re expecting the joke. But soon you realize it’s just the song and it’s just a tribute to the departing president.

There are no tears this time around, just a fine coffee cup that says World Greatest President and a far more upbeat song choice. That was a somber moment and this is a happy moment, looking back at the good times of the Obama presidency. It’s also another way to try to even things out after SNL decided to let Trump host last year.

All that said, I kinda miss the weird final sketch of the night. This is nice and all, creating a memorable moment to close out the show and honor the departing leader. But that final laugh of the night is sometimes pretty good to go to bed on. We did get a Chuck-E-Cheese’s sketch a few minutes before this, so I can’t complain too much.

(Via SNL)