‘South Park’ Trolls Its Biggest Targets And Visits The Real South Park With Some Ingenious Advertisements

Entertainment Editor

South Park is as much a part of the American zeitgeist as The Simpsons. In Fact, South Park‘s satire is so well done, the poop and dick jokes tend to resonate with the targets of the satire. Sometimes it’s okay to look in the mirror and laugh when you see yourself as the guy clacking away at his keyboard in the World of Warcraft episode.

Actually, it’s never okay to be that guy. At the very least, take some vitamin D pills since the sun doesn’t touch your pasty skin (we’re talking about me here).

Now, South Park‘s overt brand of “poopie” satire is getting more in-your-face with 14 mobile billboards that are traveling the country as a reminder to the world that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been around for 20 years. The billboards were parked in front of locations tied to classic moments through South Park‘s run, including Trump Tower, the Church of Scientology in LA, and even the real town of South Park itself.

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