‘South Park’ Gets A Shiny New Logo And Touching Trailer For Season Twenty

South Park has another exciting season on its way, marking not only another video game release but also the show’s 20th season. And to celebrate the latter, Comedy Central released the trailer above to highlight how the show has grown with most viewers across 20 years. It also highlights how the show likely shouldn’t have been there for most of these moments.

The show also gets a shiny new logo for season twenty, heading into a stretch of special events from Comedy Central according to Deadline:

Comedy Central and South Park Digital Studios will be honoring the iconic series over the next several months with specialized events on-air, online and on the ground. They include a traveling art exhibit curated by street pop culture artist Ron English that will visit select locations around the country, the launch of a redesigned South Park app and all-new Avatar Creator; the release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, a new video game from Ubisoft; the South Park 20 Experience featuring 20 iconic 2D/3D moments; and Comedy Central’s launch of the 20th season multi-tiered, multimedia marketing campaign, which will roll out over the next several months.

Speaking of the new game, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were at Comic-Con on Friday evening and shed some light on why Fractured But Whole is hitting the streets now. Much like The Stick Of Truth, the main drawing point behind the game is putting people inside a game that feels just like an episode according to Mashable:

“We wanted it to look like you were in an episode of South Park, and the technology just wasn’t there until Xbox 360 generation,” Stone said, noting the junky games from the ’90s. “We just hated that. So when it looked like the show we got excited.”

“We knew we wanted it to be story-driven so we knew we wanted it to be RPG,” Parker added. “When I [played], RPGs were my favorite…and I was big into ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ And I’m totally back into it now.

You can’t deny that playing The Stick Of Truth was like playing a best of for the entire run of South Park. Fractured But Whole might have to dig a little on the references, but it will satisfy if it can hold that same quality.

(via Mashable & Deadline)