‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Has A Release Date And A Split First Season

Star Trek Discovery has long been treated with the approach of “It’ll come to air when it’s ready.” Thankfully, word has arrived that the return of the franchise to TV screens is finally ready, and will be hitting our screens much sooner than we think, admittedly with an unusual release pattern for a streaming show.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the first part of Discover‘s 15-episode first season will air on CBS Sunday, September 24th, at 8:30pm, with the first two episodes available to stream on CBS All Access, where the rest of the season will make its home, after it wraps up. CBS will release a new episode every Sunday, until November, when it’ll take a streaming hiatus and return with the remaining seven episodes in January 2018.

It’s a bit unusual for a streaming show to have a split season, although there’s a reasonable explanation. November is traditionally sweeps month, and CBS likely doesn’t want Star Trek competing with its fall schedule during the make-or-break month where ad rates are set for terrestrial TV. That CBS All Access is $6 a month and that fans will likely keep their subscriptions for an extra two months may also have something to do with it. Either way, we finally will have some Star Trek back on our screens, and that’s always good news.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)