Stephen Colbert Tries To Spread Good News With Bananas But His Audience Keeps Messing It Up

12.02.16 1 year ago

In the last year or so since Stephen Colbert has helmed the Late Show, he’s demonstrated a lot of heart. Through the madness of the political race and as he dodged the barbs thrown at him as a rookie late night host, Colbert has been funny and most importantly, kind. A Beacon of light in these dark times. A moral barometer. A deliverer of hope and change through bananas, possibly the most diplomatic of fruits.

As Late Night Week kicks off, Stephen Colbert decided that his audience needed some good news to lift their spirits. Since there’s very little good news to be found right now and he had no fortune cookies on hand (fortune cookies are fundamentally quite different than Good News Bananas, Prophetic Plantains these are not), he turned to the fruit. This would do the trick.

Unfortunately, his audience simply couldn’t find where the Good News had been implanted in the various ‘nanners. They tore them apart, they peaked into the tops, but the good news just couldn’t be found. It was a rough go, a rough go indeed. Marx Brothers references were appropriate. Does good news exist if it can’t be delivered?

Luckily, after some flipping and digging, the “good news” was delivered, and all was right in the studio. It was a Late Night Week miracle.

(Via The Late Show)

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