Steve Harvey Was Left Speechless After A ‘Family Feud’ Contestant’s Cringeworthy Answer About ‘Sexy Dreams’

Steve Harvey has, unfortunately, seen it all. The man has been hosting Family Feud for over a decade, in addition to having his own court show (he is not a real judge). But every once in a while, a response on Family Feud really throws the man off his game, and sometimes it happens twice in a 10-second frenzy.

On a recent episode of the syndicated game show, Harvey asked contestants to name someone you “have sexy dreams about.” Contestant Jarrell wasted no time in answering: “My aunt.” His aunt was not on the board.

Harvey tried to shake it off and asked the next contestant the same thing She promptly answered, “You, Steve,” which shocked the host. Harvey looked speechless and vaguely flattered to be involved. The answer was accepted as “Celebrity/Jason Momoa,” who must be a popular pick.

Other answers in the controversial question included: boss/coworker, clergy, your ex, your in-law, doctor, politician, and “my hot buddy” whatever that means.

Family Feud has been tearing families apart since the ’70s, but Harvey has made it his own. He even admitted that the show was “going to hell” so he’s just having fun with it now! Let the man have fun.