Steve Harvey Thinks ‘Family Feud’ Is ‘Going To Hell’ After Being Baffled By Rhys Darby’s Answer

We are not at the end of the road for entertaining Steve Harvey clips.

The new season of Celebrity Family Feud kicked off by pitting the casts of Abbott Elementary and Hacks against each other, and it’s only gotten more “sure, why not” from there. Episode three had the stars of Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series vs. Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, while over the weekend, former-SNL cast member Jay Pharoah had a showdown with Rhys Darby from Our Flag Means Death.

Death was on everyone’s mind, because in an early round, Harvey was looking for the top six answers for a not-so-nice way to say that someone died. Pharoah answered with the top survey response (“croaked”), but his team was only able to get one more (“kicked the bucket”). It was now Team Darby’s turn. “I’d like to say ‘carked it,'” Darby replied. He used the word in a sentence — “You know, as in, ‘What happened to that guy?’ Oh, he’s carked it” — but Harvey was confused by the New Zealand slang term for “carcass.” After Team Darby stressed that the word has an “r” in it (and that they weren’t saying another similar-sounding word), Harvey said, “What the hell’s going on? I need subtitles for these guys sometimes, too. This game’s going to hell right here.”

You can watch the clip above.