A ‘Family Feud’ Answer That Broke Steve Harvey Is Going Viral All Over Again

Steve Harvey has absolutely made Family Feud his own in recent years. The long-running game show has had a lot of hosts over its run, but few have been able to take control of a show and create it in his own image like the comedian.

A mainstay of his time hosting the show has been, of course, his own reactions to the suggestive answers many contestants give to prompts. It’s a design feature, not a flaw, but Harvey is great at absorbing the weird energy of nervous contestants being slightly horny and making it a laugh-out-loud moment.

On Tuesday, the show’s Twitter account posted a classic clip from the show that basically ground the entire taping to a halt. You can see the full video above, as the moment came in the Fast Money round and therefore has a bit of context to it.

In the clip, contestant Secily is looking for a big round after Tanya only got 23 of the 200 matches needed to win the big money.

“Name a part of your body that’s bigger now than it was when you were 16,” Harvey asked. The first contestant answered “chest,” which didn’t get many answers because it’s more than likely the “stomach” got bigger for folks in middle age. But Secily went way off the board and into a much more interesting space, anatomy-wise.

“Penis,” she said.

Immediately, the crowd laughed. And keep in mind, this is a timed exercise with the clock ticking and just 30 seconds to get five responses on the board in time. But none of that mattered after Secily said “penis” because the crowd couldn’t focus, and Steve Harvey basically forgot to do his job.

steve harvey feud

The clock kept ticking, and Harvey slumped to the floor contemplating what she said. The game actually had to come to a screeching halt because, well, no one was doing anything they were supposed to be doing. Harvey stopped asking questions, Secily couldn’t give answers and the crowd continued to hoot and holler.

Eventually, things got back on track after some big reactions from Harvey. It’s worth a full watch, as Harvey noted how aggressively she shouted her answer and even gave her a chance to change it when things got reset. It’s an old clip one, for sure, but it’s also an instant classic. And the fact that it got so much attention more than a decade later shows just how funny it was all these years later.