‘The Daily Show’ Tore Into The White Guy Who Compared Himself To Rosa Parks For Wearing A Thong As A Face Mask

Face masks have been a necessary (and potentially life-saving) part of our lives for nearly two years, but some people are still trying to “own” the system. Florida man Adam Jenne has been banned from flying United Airlines after wearing a red thong as a face covering while boarding a flight this week to protest the mask mandate. “COVID doesn’t know that we’re at cruising altitude. It’s stupid. The whole thing is theater,” the guy said, adding, “Hopefully, Spirit Airlines has a better sense of humor tomorrow.”

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is not amused by Jenne’s sense of humor. “While we are being reminded about just how serious this pandemic is, there are still some people who are taking it just a little more lightly,” he said before playing a clip of Jenne comparing himself to civil rights icons like Rosa Parks. “Rosa Parks? My man, don’t be so modest! You’re more than Rosa Parks! If anything, you’re the Martin Luther King of white dudes comparing themselves to Black heroes for no reason.”

Noah thinks sometimes conservatives make a good point: “America shouldn’t be teaching the history of racism in schools, because then at least white people wouldn’t know who to compare themselves to after they get kicked off of airplanes for doing dumb sh*t,” he joked. You can watch The Daily Show clip above.