‘The Deuce’ Season 3 Teaser Brings Dueling Franco Mustaches To The 1980s As The Party Winds Down

HBO’s The Deuce remains critically acclaimed heading into its third and final season, which will arrive next month, courtesy of The Wire and Treme duo David Simon and George Pelecanos. For this round, the story once again does the time jump thing, strutting into the final moments of 1984 while the seedy underbelly of Times Square prepares to ring in 1985. If you’ll recall, the first season went down in 1971-72, and the second season advanced to 1977. Now, a newfangled invention called VHS not only represents the passage of time but presents the possibility of reinvention for the porn industry. However, a different kind of change is also on the horizon while NYC struggles to sanitize the neighborhood for good.

For the night represented in the above teaser, however, many familiar faces are content to forget all challenges and party the night away. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Candy is still pushing forth as a filmmaker, but that mob money just might come back to punch James Franco’s twin characters where it hurts. Their mustache game is relatively strong, at least on Vinnie Martino’s end while Abby (Margarita Levieva) and Andrea (Zoe Kazan) hit the dance floor.


Here’s how Frankie Martino will appear in Episode 2. Oh boy, his mustache looks stressed out to the max.


The Deuce returns for its final season on Monday, September 9.