The 'Game Of Thrones' Lego Set Comes With A Tiny Dragon

I’m usually not one to tell strangers that they need to spend their hard-earned money on a kids toy from a multi-million dollar company, but: WE NEED TO BUY THESE GAME OF THRONES LEGOS RIGHT NOW. ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? OOPS. I BOUGHT THEM ALL. SUCKER. According to the Etsy listing:

All of the Minifigures have been drawn by our house artist Myron and custom pad printed here in the USA by Citizen Brick. The custom design will never fade or scratch off, the design is pad printed just like LEGO. The figures in series 1 include: The Imp, Underfoot, Warden of the North, The Bastard, and Mother of Dragons.

They are being made in very limited numbers and won’t be available long! (Via)

I’m quite good at spending money, and a lifetime of no wealth has taught me to spend it on Legos.

The Tyrion one looks like a Looney Tunes character, but OMG THAT BABY DRAGON. Also:

And now I’m depressed.

(Via Etsy)