The Internet Is Buying Into The Latest ‘The Walking Dead’ Conspiracy Theory

There’s a new The Walking Dead theory floating around the internet, and, as Forbes’ Paul Tassi notes, “there’s proof” of it in the most recent episode. I remain skeptical, and there are several holes in the theory, but I like it so much that I wish it were true.

The theory is this: Carl’s potential love interest, Enid, is a spy for the Wolves.

The theory has gained considerable steam on on Twitter, where many are buying it.

The theory is predicated on a few gaps that the audience has to fill in themselves, namely:

1) It assumes that, during the time between Enid’s parents died (as depicted in the flashback this week) and the time she walked into Alexandria, she met the Wolves and hatched a plan to invade Alexandria and potentially be the leader of the Wolves.

2) It assumes that, when Enid frequently leaves Alexandria to hang out in the woods, that she’s actually meeting with members of the Wolves to discuss their invasion plans.

3) It assumes that Enid ingratiated herself within the community in order to gain a set of keys, which she then used to open the gates to Alexandria to let the Wolves in.

4) The theory speculates that Enid’s note of indifference when she went to say goodbye to Carl was because she had no fear, because she was in cahoots with the Wolves and therefore, they wouldn’t kill her.

5) The backbone for the theory (or the “proof”) lies within an unfinished line of Enid’s, so speculates Tassi:

Once inside, the most obvious slip of the episode happens when she’s talking to Carl about how it’s impossible to secure the place because it’s too big. “That’s how we…” she begins, but doesn’t finish the thought. The “we” there is almost certainly her referring to the Wolves.

6) Tassi also cites an Easter egg from last season — the Wolf Pack comic — that Carl was holding (a comic owned by Enid).

It’s a fun theory, but it completely falls apart with any scrutiny because it assumes that the Wolves — who are basically feral humans — have the ability to plan and organize an invasion. If they had sense enough to plan an invasion, presumably, they’d also have sense enough to have a motive beyond indiscriminate killing once they breached the walls of Alexandria.

Moreover, it’s clear from the episode that the Wolves found out about Alexandria from the photos in Aaron’s backpack, which he left behind in a zombie boobie trap laid by the wolves last season.

Additionally, if Enid were a spy for the Wolves, why wouldn’t she have stolen guns for them before they invaded Alexandria? As for the keys: She still had them in this week’s episode. Why wouldn’t she have given them to the Wolves already? Moreover, Carl followed her when she slipped out of Alexandria once, and he didn’t spot Enid meeting with anyone. She was merely being a sullen teenager. If she were one of the Wolves, why didn’t she help them attack? Why didn’t she stop Carl from shooting the wolf who attacked Ron?

As intriguing as it is, the theory doesn’t quite work. However, it’s possible that we’ll find out that Enid is up to something shady. That unfinished sentence — and knowing about all the blind spots — suggests she knows more than she’s let on. Moreover, her mantra — “Just Survive Somehow” — suggests that she may have done some unthinkable things besides eat a turtle in order to remain alive.

Being a spy for the Wolves, however, most likely isn’t one of them.