Marvel Fans Want Disney To Sue Police Departments For Co-Opting The Punisher’s Skull Logo

The Punisher‘s second Netflix season was lacking in multiple ways, and let’s just say that the comic book character could easily be retired — formally retired, especially in light of the George Floyd protests. Fans are now reigniting a beef from the antihero’s creator, Gerry Conway, who brought Frank Castle to life more than four decades ago with the help of artists John Romita Sr. and Ross Andru. And Conway has been quite vocal about his distaste for police co-opting The Punisher’s logo for their own ends. As he explained, police have misinterpreted Castle’s identity, when he actually “represents a failure of the Justice system.” Further, Castle has been written as an indictment of “the collapse of social moral authority and the reality some people can’t depend on institutions like the police or the military to act in a just and capable way.”

In other words, there are members of law enforcement who don’t realize that Frank Castle kinda hates them, so it’s ironic that they’re slapping Punisher skulls on vehicles or wearing it as part of their uniform. In the past few days, Detroit officers have even been photographed while apparently wearing the logo during protests. (And a group of Milwaukee offers were investigated years ago for brandishing The Punisher stickers on gear.)

Also in the past few days, Disney has pledged $5 million toward nonprofit organizations (including $2 million for the NAACP) geared towards advancing social justice.

Marvel fans want more: they’d like Disney to make a larger gesture against police brutality by suing departments that have co-opted The Punisher’s iconic symbol.

Again, Frank Castle is not a fan of police!

As of now, neither Disney nor Marvel have issued an official statement on the protest-related call for lawsuits against PDs. However, Marvel recently tweeted about auctioning off Castle-related props in the Marvel Television Live Auction. It’s odd timing, for sure.