Real-Life Events And People That Helped Shape ‘The Wire’

Features Writer
08.03.15 4 Comments


From 2003-2008, HBO’s The Wire (which can be streamed on HBO Now) brought an unflinching, and unapologetic, look at multiple aspects of life in Baltimore, Maryland. A show where everyone from a teenager on the corner to a corrupt state senator could be considered a main character, its sense of authenticity was due to co-creators David Simon and Ed Burns, who worked as a crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun and as a Baltimore police detective, respectively, before teaming up to make HBO’s The Corner (another heartbreaking and raw look at West Baltimore’s streets) and then The Wire. While Simon has stated most characters were composites of cops, dealers and cases he and Burns had encountered over the years, we look at five real-life people and events that specifically helped shape the stories told on one of the most widely-praised and affecting TV shows of all time.

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