This Woman Spent $30,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian

We’ve seen some memorable cases of “normal person tries to look like a famous person through plastic surgery” over the years. There was the girl who wanted to resemble Jennifer Lawrence, and the boy who paid a ridiculous amount of money to permeantly simulate the experience of being as much of a d-bag as Justin Bieber. Both of those make sense, sort of — who WOULDN’T want to look like J-Law? As for Bieber, well, clearly he’s doing something right. But to ask a plastic surgeon to give you “The Kim Kardashian,” like 24-year-old Claire Leeson did? That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

The Essex, England resident revealed she’s spent an estimated $30,000 on breast implants, hair extensions, spray tans, makeup and clothing to emulate the 33-year-old star. Appearing on ITV’s This Morning on July 14, Leeson explained that the extreme measures she’s taken to look more like Kardashian were done in an attempt to gain self-confidence after being bullied as a teen.

Leeson told This Morning that she’s in debt “up to [her] eyeballs” and creditors have been calling her non-stop. But really, it comes down to what makes her happy, and if spending $30,000 to look like a woman who’s famous because she made a sex tape is what does that, you be you. I’d rather burn the cash and put the ashes into the morning yogurt of some E! executive, but hey, that’s just me.