Timothy Olyphant Gives An Acting Masterclass On ‘Conan’ And Reveals A Lot About His Wardrobe

Timothy Olyphant seems like he was very loose when he walked out to chat with Conan on Wednesday night, but not loose enough to stop himself from showing off some acting chops. He decides it’s time to give Conan a taste of the differences between acting for television and acting for the stage. Olyphant is always looking out for the young actors out there, so it’s a key lesson they need to learn.

Then the pants come down and we get a revelation about Timothy Olyphant’s choice of clothing. There isn’t a film, TV, or talk-show set he hasn’t taken a piece of clothing from over the years. This has to be exciting to know for Justified fans, especially the ones dying to pull off that Raylan Givens swagger. All those hats and suits are likely in his possession — or being auctioned off to people with money. Not you.

The funniest bit is that his underwear apparently come from Ellen. Not only is Ellen the new queen of television, she’s got her own line of clothing for men and women. This includes underwear, formed to fit the bodies of movie stars like Timothy Olyphant. Underwear that he likely got for free, but you can own for the bargain price of $20 — for underwear.

Timothy Olyphant is a patchwork of stolen clothing and he couldn’t be cooler.

(Via Conan)