Jimmy Fallon’s Very Giggly Whisper Challenge Stumps Emma Stone Before Her ‘SNL’ Return

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12.02.16 2 Comments

The Tonight Show‘s Singing Whisper Challenge seems like it would be way easier if Jimmy Fallon wasn’t trying his best to impersonate Elvis and Bruce Springsteen during the challenge, but Jimmy is nothing if not faithful to every song and impersonation that he needs to embody. So, Emma Stone gets stumped. It’s not easy to figure out what a giggly Jimmy Fallon is saying through a hammed-up grin, but Emma Stone is about to be the host of SNL for the third time, and this is Late Night Week, so there are no excuses.

But still, weak, Emma. Weak. We know you can do better. You are very talented.



Maybe Jimmy is partially to blame. Maybe he’s totally to blame? This shameful display by Emma Stone surely won’t continue during her next hosting gig on SNL. Furthermore, Emma Stone’s performance in La La Land is the exact opposite of her performance during the Singing Whisper Challenge. We know she’s got the goods. It’s clear Jimmy is sandbagging her.

You tune into a nice night of The Tonight Show, looking forward to some of Fallon’s classic, benign games, and you end up with the talented and nice Emma Stone struggling to read Jimmy’s lips. How could this happen?

(Via The Tonight Show)

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