‘Top Chef: Dads’ Is Hilarious


Even the best reality competitions — and “Top Chef” is certainly that — rely on a format that’s as predictable as it is comfortable to viewers. That’s what makes this video from Jest so funny: in a TV landscape where spin-offs are everywhere, the notion of “Top Chef” focusing on hapless fathers isn’t THAT big of a stretch. And the way this catches the details of “Top Chef” — the kitchen confrontations, the confessionals about teammates, the camera sweeping across the completed dishes — in an economical two and a half minutes makes this a great little spoof.

Judge 1: Charles. I really love the decision to serve the pizza cold.

Judge 2: And the orange soda being flat was a nice touch.

Charles: I lost the top a couple days ago, so I covered it in plastic wrap. No sense in throwing it out!