TV News Roundup, Brought To You By Veruca Salt

You know how sometimes there are contestants on Wheel of Fortune who get super greedy and keep spinning and spinning even though they clearly know the answer, risking losing everything to eek out an extra couple hundred bucks? Those are my people. Now, some news.

Fred Willard seems cool. The embattled actor went on Fallon last night and talked about all the hubbub over his arrest for lewd conduct last week. He had a really great sense of humor about everything, proving once again that Fred Willard is the best and PBS was a bunch of jerks for firing him. [UPROXX]

The Daily Show is good at interviews. During last night’s interview, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis ganged up (NOTE: It would be cooler if we said “gung up.” Here to help) on host Jon Stewart, so Jon Hamm came out to assist him. Sadly, Hamm did not have his mustache for the segment. [UPROXX]

Ed O’Neill is suing people now, too. Prior to last night, Ed O’Neill was the only adult member of the Modern Family cast who was not suing the producers as part of the heated contract negotiations. No more. Al Bundy himself has now joined the suit out of solidarity (even though he makes a substantially higher salary than the rest of the cast). I still blame Claire for all of this. [THR]

Patton Oswalt and Kima from The Wire will appear on Burn Notice. Uh, what? [EW]

JWoww “loves” that Snooki got pregnant. Guhhhh. Hey, remember the music video for “Volcano Girls” by Veruca Salt? I don’t think I’m talking out of turn when I say that way more music videos should feature pretty girls wailing on guitars while attached to bungee cords. Just one man’s opinion. [THR]