The Crucial ‘CRM’ Symbol On ‘The Walking Dead’ Has Been Explained

Warning: The Walking Dead spoilers will be found below.

We have been tracking the helicopters on The Walking Dead for several seasons now. Last season on The Walking Dead, one of those helicopters with the three-ring symbol picked up Rick Grimes in the episode that marked his exit from the series. Meanwhile, we learned more about that three-ring symbol in the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, namely that it’s associated with an outfit called CRM.

This weekend at New York Comic Con, Scott Gimple — the architect of The Walking Dead universe — provided some valuable insight into that three-ringed symbol, showing essentially how it connects the entire universe. “We’ve seen that three-circle symbol… those three circles, and I’m saying it here, represent three different civilizations that are bound and entwined in some ways and in some ways very, very different.” Gimple also added that one of those civilizations is in the new spin-off focused on a younger generation of survivors.

We can deduce a lot from that statement, first and foremost that the “M” in CRM likely refers to “Monument,” which is the working title of the new The Walking Dead spin-off. As we see in the trailer, it initially takes places in a shielded community of around 10,000 people, which looks very much like a pre-apocalypse civilization. In fact, if you look closely in the new trailer for the spin-off, you can see the CRM symbol on the jackets of two characters.


In other words, Monument bears a striking resemblance to another larger civilization from the comic-books, The Commonwealth, which is probably what the “C” in CRM stands for. The Commonwealth hasn’t made an appearance on The Walking Dead yet, but the series will be seeding that community in the tenth season, potentially with a new character, Princess, who we learned this weekend will be played by Paola Lázaro. She will make her debut in the 10th season of The Walking Dead and in the comics, she’s someone that Michonne meets on the way to The Commonwealth.

What the “R” in CRM stands for remains a mystery, but it’s likely one of two communities. A villainous character named Ginny is trying to establish what sounds like a similar community on Fear the Walking Dead, and we do know that people from CRM have already visited that area in Texas. However, the “R” could also represent the community that Maggie is purportedly building with Georgie on The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, it was announced today that Lauren Cohan would be returning to The Walking Dead in the 11th season, which is when we may learn about the “R” community. It could potentially be that Ginny’s community on Fear the Walking Dead — set several years behind The Walking Dead — could morph into the community that Georgie and Maggie are building.

In either respect, these three communities — The Commonwealth, Monument, and the Other One — will likely be the focus of the eventual Rick Grimes’ movies, which could see another The Walking Dead character join in Michonne.

The world of The Walking Dead is expanding. That expansion continues with the 10th season premiere of The Walking Dead tonight on AMC.