Who Are The Settlers, The New Villains On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’?

In this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, things took an unusual turn toward the interesting for really the first time this season. For one, someone actually died! In fact, several someones died, although the one that will be remembered is Logan, who — along with much of his crew — was gunned down by Ginny and The Settlers, a new set of villains introduced in the episode, “Leave What You Don’t.”

It turns out, in fact, that before she killed Logan, Ginny and The Settlers were actually the masterminds behind Logan’s decision to steal the gas from Morgan and the convoy. Like Logan, she has “big plans” that involve helping people, but apparently on a much bigger scale than the help people one-at-a-time method adopted by Morgan and the convoy. It’s still not clear, exactly, what Ginny plans to do to help people, or why she needs gasoline to accomplish it, but we do know that she eliminates “unnecessary people” and that “in 100 years people may look back and think our methods ruthless and unkind, but there will be people to look back.”

Ginny also says she has “people all around these parts,” and based on what we’ve seen, the Settlers clearly outnumber the convoy already. Her plans are apparently similar to the Convoys “outposts, only bigger.”

So, clearly we’re looking at another group of people planning for the future. It wouldn’t be the first in The Walking Dead universe. Over on The Walking Dead, we have Georgie — who has teamed up with Maggie — trying to make a better future, and they may or may not be part of The Commonwealth. There’s also the CRM organization or the “helicopter people,” who we met earlier this season. We do know that the CRM is linked to Rick Grimes — the helicopter people picked him up last season on The Walking Dead — and we also know that the helicopter people are not The Commonwealth.

The question is? Are Ginny and The Settlers part of The Commonwealth? Or are they tied to CRM and the helicopter people? Or, are they a completely different third entity who believe they have solved how to continue the species? The Settlers’ motives seem similar to that of the CRM, at least based on what we learned from the CRM woman who kissed Althea earlier this season. However, The Settlers ride on horses and need gas, while the CRM people had a helicopter and gas and seem to operate differently. It is likewise unlikely that Scott Gimple would seed another crossover element this season of Fear the Walking Dead, which leaves me with the most obvious conclusion: Ginny and The Settlers are a third entity, and this is the “big change” that the showrunners promised would lead the series into season six. As Ginny and The Settlers are clearly real villains (unlike Logan), I suspect that may involve a lot of bloodshed and the deaths of at least a couple of major characters. We should also get used to Ginny and The Settlers, because it looks like they may be around for a long while.