Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate The Way Matt Berry Said ‘New York City’ On ‘What We Do In The Shadows’

Episode-length parodies aren’t always successful, but the Property Brothers spoof on this week’s What We Do in the Shadows — the funniest show on television — was another fantastic episode in a season full of them.

It doesn’t take a super-fan of John and Jim Property, which I assume is the names of the brothers, to recognize the tropes that were being mocked. But that took a lot of work — and a lot of Property Brothers episodes. During the pandemic lockdown, What We Do in the Shadows director Yana Gorskaya told Vulture that she “spent most of my free time watching Property Brothers. I feel like I was made to do this episode.” Director of photography DJ Stipsen was less enthused about having to do an HGTV binge, but “it felt really necessary,” Gorskaya said. “Our show was already documentary style, so the parallels are there in terms of the handheld look. But it was helpful to have conversations about how to make it look and feel different from a regular Shadows episode.”

This is true, but my biggest laugh of the episode came when the format returned to its “regular” documentary look. Please enjoy the great Matt Berry saying “New York City.”

This video currently has 1.9 million views. At least 27 of them are mine.

Make it 28.

It’s not too late to let Matt Berry host Shark Week or a NYC-set travel show. I can picture it now: [Matt Berry voice] “Pizza”

Make it 29.

(Via Vulture)