‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Has A Brand-New ‘High Tech’ Board For The Upcoming Season

Wheel of Fortune is having a midlife crisis. The upcoming season of the syndicated game show, which has been hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White for over 40 years, will feature a “high tech” new board for White to reveal that it’s ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR CAP, not ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR LAP, you dummies.

Wheel of Fortune now unveiling to us an updated puzzle board for this season,” a Good Morning America correspondent said in the video above,” and it is high tech. “When Pat Sajak and Vanna White first took over the show, Vanna had to manually turn the puzzle board pieces.” Before the new board, White explained, “I would touch the edge of the letter because it was a TV monitor. Now it’s a flat screen.” A laser triggers the letters to be turned over, which is apparently the same technology that’s used for the Mars rover.

White, 65, used to have to manually turn each letter piece, but this new high-tech board will allow her to uncover the letters without even touching them. Using Lidar technology, which was used on the Mars rover, White just has to run her hand over the screen, and a laser will detect her presence and show the letter.

Yeah, but did the Mars rover ever win Julie from Idaho an ugly couch? I think not. Wheel of Fortune returns for season 40 (!) next Monday, September 12.

(Via the New York Post)