When Did Season 6 Of ‘Big Mouth’ Come Out?

Since 2017, the Netflix animation comedy Big Mouth has both amused and grossed-out viewers. Co-created by voice co-star Nick Kroll, it’s an inventive and absolutely fearless look at one of the most tumultuous times in a person’s life: puberty. Over its five seasons and counting, the show has never shied away from going there, and often beyond, sometimes with the help of Duke Ellington’s ghost (voice of Jordan Peele). A sixth season is en route, but when does it come out?

The answer: Friday, October 28. That’s when all new episodes of the show will drop, although perhaps fans will decide to go through them in shifts, not just because of how intense it can be, but because that’s when this year’s World Series begins.

Big Mouth is loosely (very, very loosely) based on the childhood of lifelong friends Kroll and co-creator Andrew Goldberg. Kroll voices Nick, an adolescent who, along with his friend Andrew (John Mulaney, standing in for Goldberg), wrestle with the onset of puberty. Making matters worse, their puberty blues are embodied by Hormone Monsters, some better equipped with steering them through such muddy waters than others.

The show has proven so popular that it spawned a star-studded spinoff, Human Resources, which depicts the office culture of said Hormone Monsters. That show bowed earlier this year, and has already been renewed for a second season. Meanwhile, some of the Big Mouth brain trust is teaming with no less an icon than Mel Brooks to turn one of his finest, bluest cinematic efforts, History of the World: Part I, into a Hulu show.