Will Ferrell Is In Overdramatic Danger In The Teaser For Lifetime’s ‘A Deadly Adoption’

The news that Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig would star in a Lifetime original movie seemed like a joke straight out of an episode of 30 Rock. Naturally, when it was revealed that this was actually happening and the beloved Saturday Night Live veterans were in fact starring in A Deadly Adoption, people assumed that it was going to be an absurd, side-splitting farce like The Spoils of Babylon. Then, sadly, the duo announced that they were upset that everyone found out about this secret, and they pulled a Quentin Tarantino and declared that A Deadly Adoption would never see the light of day.

Was that all part of the absurd joke? Making fun of so-called artists (pronounced ar-teests) in an equally overdramatic fashion? We may never know. But A Deadly Adoption will be seen by the world in all of its glory on Saturday, June 20, as we can see in this official teaser trailer. Honestly, though, if a dog doesn’t shoot Wiig in the face, this will be a colossal failure.