Will ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Reunite In The ‘Young Sheldon’ Series Finale?

Will Young Sheldon end like that scene from Saving Private Ryan, except instead of young Matt Damon turning into old Harrison Young, it’s Young Sheldon morphing into Adult Sheldon? We’ll find out soon! The final two episodes of The Big Bang Theory prequel series air next Thursday, May 16. Can fans expect any cameos from the original show? Yes, it turns out.

Jim Parsons and former Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik, who played Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory, are confirmed to return. People has an exclusive clip from the final episodes where Amy chides Sheldon for claiming he’s “always doing things to make other people happy” in his memoir. “Sheldon, while I was giving birth you zoomed into a seminar,” she says, to which Old Sheldon replies, “You were taking forever to dilate! And I’d already made my contribution to the project, which need I remind you was on your birthday.”

Sheldon is still on his bazinga bullsh*t.

“It’s pretty crazy to watch old episodes of my voice sound so high and I’m so little,” lil’ Sheldon Ian Armitage told People in an interview about the approaching endgame with Parsons, who added, “He was so arrestingly charming —immediately [you] just couldn’t take your eyes off.” As for the finale, Parsons called it “the most beautiful coda to getting to come back and see each other again, like a grace note to the whole experience. It’s very meaningful.”

Bring back Barenaked Ladies to do the theme for the Young Sheldon finale instead of the current song, which is… performed by Steve from Blue’s Clues? Huh. Who knew? Besides the millions of people watching Young Sheldon every week. They probably did.

You can see a sneak peek of the final episode below.

(Via People)