Mythology And Monsters Of The Week Meet In ‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Trailer

X-Files fans are loyal, but they’re also honest when it comes to the adventures of Special Agents Mulder and Scully. The return of X-Files for a tenth season was celebrated, but the uneven mythology episodes, the engine behind the series’ “Monster of the Week” one-offs, were almost universally panned. That didn’t mean the revival wasn’t worth it. Nostalgia plus Rhys Darby’s excellent werewolf episode made for fun viewing, and Mulder and Scully still had that chemistry, even if the story dragged along. Most came away from the revival happy they got to visit old, paranoid friends.

So with season 11 impending, there’s a whole army of fans out there formulating “I want to believe” puns as they count down the days until the January 2018 season premiere. This trailer should help whet their appetite, for the most part.

FOX has announced a 10-episode run for season 11, up from six episodes in season 10, and we’ll get two mythology episodes and eight Monster of the Week episodes. At this point, it seems like X-Files will keep on going for as long as Duchovney and Anderson want to do it, but it’d also be nice to gain some closure and move towards a true finale. This trailer makes it seem like we might be getting there. Maybe.

Now, what’s with this guy?