Watch 100 Years Of German Beauty Whiz By You In Less Than 90 Seconds

Life & Culture Editor
07.28.15 5 Comments

The 100 Years of Beauty videos are already a huge success. Created by the same people who brought you weed-smoking grannies, this series of videos is a little less intense and a little more elegant. And watching the video above will make you feel just a bit more cultured (in less than 80 seconds!) as you watch German beauty styles change from finger waves and natural makeup, to double braids, to the goth look of the 1980s. I’d call this video “wunderbar,” but I don’t want to oversell it, so I’m just going to say that it’s definitely worth the minute you give it as you’re taking a break. Just, you know, don’t spend the rest of the day watching these videos. You might get whiplash.

(Via Cut Video)

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