A 107-Year-Old Man In Arkansas Exchanged Gunfire With A SWAT Team

I’m 26 years old and I barely have enough energy to put on pants in the morning, let alone take on an entire SWAT team. Pine Bluff, Arkansas-resident Monroe Isadore not only did that, he did it at the age of 107 years young.

Police called to an Arkansas home exchanged gunfire with a 107-year-old suspect accused of pointing a gun at two people. Local police responded to a complaint of aggravated assault against Monroe Isadore, at a home on West 16th Street, in Pine Bluff. The suspect allegedly fired through a door at officers as they approached a bedroom at the home on Saturday afternoon.

Officers slipped tear gas into the room through a bedroom window, followed by a distraction device, leading to Isadore firing further rounds at them. Officers then returned fire and killed Isadore. (Via)

The distraction device? A Matlock marathon on WGN. Even gun-wielding senior citizens with nothing to lose can’t resist the charms of Andy Griffith in a white suit.