A Los Angeles Newspaper Celebrated ’12 Years A Slave’s Oscar Win With The Worst Headline Imaginable

Well, we almost made it through awards season without a publication royally screwing up their coverage with a tacky 12 Years a Slave headline. But the Daily Breeze (an edition of the Los Angeles Daily News) ended all that when they announced the film’s Best Picture win in their Monday edition. Here’s their front page, preserved in all its idiotic glory:

UPDATE: Michael Anastasi, vice president of news and executive editor for Digital First Media’s Los Angeles News Group (which publishes the Daily Breeze), called the headline “tacky, ridiculous, stupid” in a phone call with Poynter.org’s Andrew Beaujon on Tuesday, adding that he “winced” when he first saw it and that his “body is still contorted.”

Daily Breeze via The Newseum & HyperVocal