15 Fifteen Seconds Or Less ‘Community’ Clips

Editorial Director

Here’s a confession: Despite the massive amount of time I spend on the internet, I’m not really a video guy. They’re such a commitment. Clicking playing, paying attention for minutes at a time, the whole thing is such an ordeal. I like short clips. Like 5 Second Films. They’re tidy and fun and most of the time you don’t even need to mute your background music.

With that said, I’m feeling a bit rough this morning and consuming a bunch of commitment-free fifteen seconds or less Community clips has been just the prescription. I’m no YouTube copyright expert but I’m pretty sure short clips aren’t worth the hassle to networks to pull down and therefore remain up forever and ever. Plus all they really do is affirm fandom and we’re already well aware that NBC’s Thursday night lineup gets the internet, so leaving them up just makes sense.

The study group returns to our lives tonight — no doubt brilliantly — so here are 15 fifteen seconds or less Community clips to celebrate. I swear I didn’t go into this week intending to make it UPROXX Community Week, it’s just sort of happened that way, kind of like drinking beers in dog years. Yay Thursday night comedy!

Britta & Annie Cheerleader Fantasy


Troy the Rafting Expert

The Weirdest Boner

Gravy Train Is Leaving the Station

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