This 18-Foot Python From The Florida Everglades Will Fuel Your Nightmares

Film/TV Editor

Deep inside the Everglades National Park, a horrifying discovery resulted in the second largest python ever witnessed within Florida. Scratch the “horrifying” descriptor. The people who found this snake appeared to be thrilled with the animal.

Between the five humans, they strung the reptile up like a set of Christmas tree lights. There was no calculable chance of this snake breaking free from their grips and choking someone. Still, no one wants to mess around with a snake of this size. This little buddy measured 18 feet, 3 inches, which is 4 inches smaller than the ultimate record. The snake’s length would make her perfectly capable of taking down a slow-moving deer or alligator.

This creature was taken into custody by a permitted python researcher and (unlike Cecil the Lion) “humanely euthanized.” Why? Burmese pythons snakes are “invasive reptiles with no natural predators, which appear to be wiping out most of the small mammals that once thrived in Everglades National Park.”

(Via CBS Local)

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