The ’18 Million Retweets’ Quest For Chicken Nuggets Is Heating Up In Hilarious Fashion

Yesterday we told you the strange ballad of a Twitter user named Carter Wilkerson. Carter is a courageous fellow who you might be surprised to learn “likes chicken nuggets, tacos (and cherries)” according to his detailed Twitter bio. In fact, Mr. Wilkerson likes chicken nuggets so much he composed a simple tweet aimed at fulfilling every fried poultry loving, young man’s dreams.

Then, in a fun and exciting turn of events, Wendy’s actually responded!

Faced with the challenge of acquiring 18 million retweets, Wilkerson began his quest to become to most retweeted Tweeter in the world! (As we noted yesterday, Ellen DeGeneres’ epic selfie that broke the internet only reached 3.2 million retweets, so it’s a tall order for a high school student.) His crusade began with a poignant promise to meet the Wendy’s goal. In response to 18 million, Wilkerson simply said, “Consider it done.”

Damn. Luck favors the bold. But the drama doesn’t stop there. Wendy’s is paying close attention and they’re not about to miss a chance at being the subject of the most retweeted tweet in the world by six times! What do you take them for? Fast food fools? Think again!

Let it be known that Wendy’s, much like young Carter Wilkerson, IS AFRAID OF NOTHING!

They’re in hysterics!

People are urging the burger chain to lower the number of retweets, but sweet little Wendy has no mercy.

And just listen to this #BestLife wisdom.


Carter Wilkerson is coming for them nuggs! We will keep you updated on his progress. Right now the plea has 1.1 million retweets. Do your part and get this kid his damn chicken!